About project

Natalie Bero is an international photographer who has specialized in photographing people for 13 years. She makes exquisite photos of people in Russia, America and Italy. She has completed more than 1000 shootings, of which 360 were held in New York. Her career began in 2007 when she originally did model portfolios, model tests, portraits and private shoots.

Interesting fact: thanks to Natalie's photographs, many models went to work in the USA, Italy and France. Some still use these images in their portfolios; for example, Dmitry Korikov and Timur Evstigneev.

In 2010, Natalie began her work as the main photographer for the high society and fashion magazine, In Red. She worked there both as an event photographer and as a fashion photographer. Working for In Red, Natalie filmed the stars of Russian show business including Dmitry Nagiyev, Ksenia Sobchak, Zhanna Friske, the VIA Gra group, TV presenter and fashion historian Alexander Vasiliev, MC Jean, Tatiana Bulanova, MC Richy, and more. Since 2010 all posters of MC Zhan and MC Richy are only made by Natalie.

Also during that period she managed to become one of four Russian photographers who filmed the show of Maison Margiela in St. Petersburg.

Since 2010, Natalie herself has been interviewed by various media and invited as an expert in the field of photography on television. For example, they filmed a segment with her participation for the Elle Girl TV channel.

In 2011, Natalie Bero opened her own photography and video agency. One of her clients was the company, ICE Astaldi, which was building an airport in Pulkovo.

Various international brands also trust Natalie: These include Armani, Lumene, Cutrin, Dermosil, Maison Margiela and others. In 2013, she organized the photo exhibition, "Woman through the Eyes of a Photographer", which received wide media coverage. For example, Channel One TV had a major report about this exhibition.

Since 2015, Natalie began working in New York where she became a staff photographer at one of the largest agencies in the city. There, Natalie filmed the richest people in America - billionaires, as well as the stars of show business; among them were Drew Barrymore, Marisa Tomei (winner of the Oscar, Golden Globe and about 40 other awards), Shanice Williams, Aaron Tveit, Bobby Cannavale, Gavin Creel, Beth Behrs and many more. Natalie has also managed to shoot the Broadway producers Bonnie Comley and Stewart F. Lane. 

Natalie is a very sought-after and popular photographer in the states, and her pictures can be found in almost all New York publications: Vogue, Bella Magazine, Royal Oak, New York Social Diary, Lifestyles Magazine, Black Tie Magazine, Hamptons.com, The Steeple Times, and etc. In 2019, Natalie served as the only approved photographer at the CODA Summit in Texas. 

The world premiere of the personal exhibition Classical Petersburg which Nataly Bero had in November 2020, truly fascinated the visitors and collected numerous positive reviews in Russian and foreign mass media.

Photo project Classical Petersburg 

Exposition Classical Petersburg presents the photographs of dancers of legendary Saint-Petersburg ballet school in the background of historical landmarks of the city. The main task of the project is to distract the visitor from the time of uncertainty, crisis, and illness to the immortal beauty of Saint-Petersburg architecture and ballet excellence.

 The mission is to reveal the bond between St. Petersburg's ballet school and the architectural tradition. Silhouettes of the edifices, urbanized modernity, strict geometry of bridges, and streets are intertwining with gracious poses of professional dancers. Using photography, I endeavored to show the language of spacious arts - the Ballet and the Architecture to speak with viewers about the mutual influence of a man and urban area. 

The photo exposition was admitted into the program of the IX St. Petersburg International Forum within Cultural Tourism group, which was to have taken place November 12-14 but was canceled due to the coronavirus crisis.

 Ballet Dancers 

 A great number of pupils and graduates of Vaganova Ballet Academy participated in the photo session 

  • Mariya Khoreva, first lead of the Mariinsky Theatre
  • Petr Attikov, dancer of the Bolshoi Theatre
  • Maria Iliushkina, lead of the Mariinsky Theatre
  • Maievskyi Vsevolod, a legend of the Mariinsky Theatre
  • Anastasiya Lukina, the second lead of the Mariinsky Theatre
  • Ivan Grebenshikov, dancer of the Mikhailovsky Theatre
  • Liliya Berezhnova, lead of the Primorsky Stage Mariinsky Theatre
  • Daniil Belozerov, dancer of Primorsky Stage Mariinsky Theatre
  • Maksim Zenin, dancer of the Mariinsky Theatre
  • Elizaveta Anoshina, dancer of Novosibirsk Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet 
  • Viktoria Pavlova, graduate of Vaganova Ballet Academy
  • Zoya Frolova, Vaganova Ballet Academy

 World Tour of Classical Petersburg  

The exposition will take place in Palm Beach, Florida, the USA, in February 2021. Nataly Bero has invitation to demonstrate the expo at the Vladivostok Biennale.

Currently, we are negotiating to hold the show in April and May 2021 in Paris and Rome.