SPB Телеграф - о Натали Беро

Natalie Bero. About the project Classical Saint-Petersburgh, the architecture of the city, and collaboration with ballet dancers.  

The questions are asked by Viktor Osipov. Video – by Pavel Vagapov. (https://diplomatru.ru/) On November 11th the Gallery Molbert, 11 Bolshaya Konushennaya Ulitsa, demonstrated a closed preview of the exposition by Natalie Bero, an internationally acknowledged photographer. The participants of the projects, ballet dancers of the leading theatres of Saint-Petersburgh, including Maria Ilyushkina and Vsevolod Mayevsky (lead dancers of the Mariinsky Theatre) Maxim Zenin and Ivan Grebenshikov (dancers of the Mariinsky and Mikhailovsky Theaters), came to support Natalie.

At the preview, Natalie Bero made a brief speech that threw light on the idea of the project. Exposition Classical Saint-Petersburgh presents the photographs which demonstrate the artist of Petersburgh Ballet on the background of historical landmarks of the city. The project aims at drawing the attention of the audience from times of misfortune, crisis, and illnesses to the immortal beauty of Petersburgh architecture and ballet mastership. “The main idea is to show the bond between the ballet and city architecture. Silhouettes of the edifices, urbanized landscape, strict geometry of bridges and streets are intertwined with graceful and beautiful movements of professional ballet dancers. With the help of photography, I tried to demonstrate the language of spacious arts – ballet and architecture to communicate with a viewer of mutual interaction of a person and urban environment.” – Natalie said. Initially, the exposition was being prepared at the request of the American Gallery from San-Petersburgh, Florida. Saint-Petersburgh in San-Petersburgh the idea of the show. Natalie had a task to reveal Saint-Petersburgh sights to the Americans. “But I do not photograph architecture, the crucial moment for me is a person” – confesses Natalie. One of the brightest sides of the city is legendary ballet so we can enjoy the image of the dancers.