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Maria Ilyushkina. About work with Natalie Bero, Saint-Petersburgh, Vsevolod Mayesky, ballet, and competition. 

The questions are asked by Viktor Osipov. Video – by Pavel Vagapov. (https://diplomatru.ru/) On November 11th the Gallery Molbert, 11 Bolshaya Konushennaya Ulitsa, demonstrated a closed preview of the exposition by Natalie Bero, an internationally acknowledged photographer. The participants of the projects, ballet dancers of the leading theatres of Saint-Petersburgh, including Maria Ilyushkina and Vsevolod Mayevsky (lead dancers of the Mariinsky Theatre) Maxim Zenin and Ivan Grebenshikov (dancers of the Mariinsky and Mikhailovsky Theaters), came to support Natalie. On behalf of all the casts, Maria Ulyushkina (lead dancers of the Mariinsky Theatre) expressed common gratitude. She spoke about the photo session and collaboration with Natalie Bero on the spot: “It is a unique opportunity in our artistic life. I mean that not only the stage can halt the moment. And when we understand that they can be the decorations of the beloved city only makes it more beautiful. It was great and really warm even though it was an August night. It took a lot of time but we didn’t sense it as it was the Art and we were carried away with it.