- репортаж с открытия выставки

Natalie Bero Exhibition Classical Saint-Petersburgh  

On November 11th, the Molbert Gallery organized a closed preview of the photo exposition Classical Saint-Petersburgh by Natalie Bero.

The main aim of the project is to show the bond between the Saint-Petersburgh ballet and the architecture of the city. Historical landmarks of the city go in perfect harmony with the mastership of the ballet dancers. 

Natalie made an opening speech in which she shared her intimate emotions about the shooting and her plans. The project is to set off on a world tour, starting with the USA in February 2021 and Paris (still negotiating) 

“The idea of the Exposition Classical Saint-Petersburgh is in the point that Ballet and Architecture are unconditional classics and beauty which remains unchanged with time coming” - Natalie states and her face is shining with a glowing smile. And nobody can deny it. Just look at the divine shots that are presented at the preview. They combine the magic of the city and the magic of ballet grace and they will take your breath away.


The lead dancer of the Mariinsky Theatre Maria Ulyushkina expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to participate in the project. “It was great and really warm even though it was an August night. It took a lot of time but we didn’t sense it as it was the Art and we were carried away with it.” With a humble smile said the girl.

Natalie’s family, friends, the press, and other guests were present. Each person congratulated the master on the exhibition and expressed their admiration.

One of them was Natalie’s husband who participated in the shooting process. “That was SOMETHING!!!! We got into the moment when a group of foreign tourists was passing by and Natalie was laying on the ground searching for the right shot. And the tourists were so interested that they were literary on her ears.” he said with a smile.    

The exhibition is simply marvelous. It was so pleasant to look into the eyes and listen to the words of the person who created the miracle. I hope that it will be fairly praised in other countries too. And what I hope even more that I will enjoy other Natalie’s works that will come in the future. 

Vlada Zlatova